Nafa’s Journey Continues

Susan ClearyStories

I want to congratulate Nafa! He has recently graduated from our program. He finished all the program levels, has full time employment, he is plugged into an incredible community, has had restoration with his family, gives his life away to serve the community, and has become a leader in the Arukah House. His goal is to follow Jesus and whatever He wants him to do.

We at Arukah have been so impressed with who Nafa is that we asked if he would like to stay on as an assistant house facilitator to learn the role of the house facilitator so that when we open up our other house he would be able to step in. Nafa has agreed and we, at Arukah, are overwhelmed with joy that he is staying on to be part of our staff. If you have not heard Nafa’s story, please watch the below video from our recent fundraiser dinner. 

Your support has helped change Nafa’s life. I want to thank you for those of you that have supported Arukah through the years. This is the outcome and the fruit of your generosity.