About Us

"Arukah" is a Hebrew word meaning "to heal, to restore". We felt this was the perfect name for our organization. It is exactly what we want to help men do: Heal and Restore their relationship with God, Heal and Restore their lives as they become self-sufficient.

Our Mission

Arukah exists to help men who are dealing with the realities of homelessness due to loss of job, being recently released from prison, addictions, or lack of family support. We focus on men who are ready to move forward in life by providing transitional housing, job vocational training, and advocates.

Our Vision

Arukah envisions Arukah Transitional Homes in every city in the Bay Area and throughout California. We want to give men the opportunity to become better men physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually which will in turn have them become better fathers, husbands, sons, friends, and employees.

Our Leadership


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