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The Problem

Homelessness is a large and ever growing issue in the Bay Area. The number of homeless has increased as the economic recovery has failed to improve incomes for many individuals and families, vacancies have decreased, rents have increased, and public housing resources are diminishing.

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Recent surveys indicate there are over 4,000 homeless in Alameda County alone. Many are ex-prisoners.

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Life After Prison

Life after prison is tough. Two-thirds of released prisoners will be arrested again within three years.

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Arukah is a nonprofit Christian transitional housing program that helps men who are struggling with homelessness due to the loss of a job, having recently been released from prison, drug and alcohol problems and lack of family support.

Our program focuses on men who are ready to move forward in life

Jeff Williams,
an Arukah Graduate

Jeff's story is one of restoration, grace and perseverance.  Take a few minutes and watch the video and learn what challenges Jeff faced, how Arukah helped and where Jeff is headed in life while remembering that without your support this success story would not be possible.

Our Solution

Arukah House is a Christian men's transitional care home in Livermore for men that have recently been released from prison or who are currently homeless. Arukah House is not a shelter. It is for men who are ready to move forward in life. The home helps men with vocational training, attaining work, saving for future residency, and learning skills to continue being successful in society.

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Partner With Us

You can do something about homelessness. You can help former inmates heal and restore their lives. Be a part of the solution and become an Arukah Partner.


Help break the destructive cycle of incarceration and homelessness. Will you join us as we help homeless men find a new life path and give former prisoners a second chance?