Our Solution

Arukah cares for the men’s physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs. We call this our “Four Corners of Care” approach. This approach brings great opportunity to reduce the rate of recidivism and help men move forward with their lives.

The primary method we use to accomplish this is by establishing homes where the men are immersed in a culture-shifting life. At Arukah House they will develop the life skills to become self-sufficient once they leave the home. They will also build a network of people who are willing to do life with them once they are on their own.



Arukah House

Arukah House is a Christian men’s transitional care home providing stable housing for men that have recently been released from prison and/or who are currently homeless. Arukah House is not a shelter. It is for men who are ready to move forward in life. The home helps men with vocational training, attaining work, saving for future residency, and acquiring the skills to become a successful member of society.

Residents of Arukah House enroll in a 1-year live-in program, are assigned a Case Worker/Mentor, and receive food and job/vocational training.

"Due to injury to my back that I suffered at work I lost my home because I was unable to work, which resulted in me living in my truck.
I am excited for a fresh start for my life at the Arukah House!"

- Stuart, Age 57

What We Do

Many transitional care programs use a one-size-fits-all approach in how they run their programs. The Arukah House is different. We believe each man was created wonderfully different and because of this we have different “Tracks” to specifically target what each man needs while they are with us. This helps maximize the time that they are in the house. Here are some different ways we come alongside the men:

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