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When you become an Arukah Partner you are helping men moving forward in life. There are many ways to get involved. Below are some of the ways we are looking to partner with you.

1. Prayer

God is the foundation of Arukah. Prayer is essential to the men we work with, our volunteers, and the staff at Arukah.

Prayer Requests

2. Discipleship

We are looking for qualified people to teach life skills and mentor men.

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3. Job Opportunities

Our goal is to partner with local business owners to help provide employment with livable wages or Job Vocational Training which provides skills to help with obtaining a job.

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4. Donated Items

We are looking for new and lightly used items we can sell at Arukah shop or swap meets. We will also consider donations of cars, boats, and property.

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5. Donations

We are thankful for your generosity. When partnering with Arukah financially it helps provide the needed funding for the day to day needs and future development of Arukah.


6. Future Houses

Our hope is to open Arukah Homes all over the Bay Area. The need is great! Maybe you are aware of, or have a home that would be perfect for an Arukah House.

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