Lending a Helping Hand

Susan ClearyStories

Arukah receives donations from places like Costco every week. This helps provide for our men’s transitional homes in Livermore and Patterson. One of the great things we get to do is also provide for our community to those that are in need by partnering with organizations like Tri Valley Seek and Save, Monthly Miracles, City Serve, Cornerstone Fellowship, and other organizations that help the poor and in need.

Yesterday, we got to serve a family that lost everything they own in a house fire about a month ago. Could you imagine losing everything and having to start over? How much it costs to replenish a home? It is so fun to meet with a family, open up our storage pods and say “take what you need”.

The family filled up the back of their truck with food, detergents, hoses, toys for the kids, household items and much more. They will be back to pick up furniture when they get to move into their new place in May. I love watching the Arukah men serve others, give their lives away, and love people the way God loves us.